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The Wild, Wild West (Coast)

March 3, 2011

Oh hey, Ted!
What’s that you say?
We’re boarding a Mexican party bus to go to a country western bar two hours away?
Sounds perfect.

I’ll be sure to pack my BFF and my party pants, this ho down is just beginning.

Cowboys can’t corral without fuel. And cardboard crowns.

Vegas has nothing on Freemont.

And then we arrived at the place where Taylor Swift’s dreams come true (if she dreams of mechanical bulls, line dancing, and tequila):
The Saddle Rack

Liner had enjoyed his bus ride, so he showed no hesitation in signing his life away to an electronic animal.

And the animal showed no hesitation in tossing him to the ground.

This singer was lovely, she played Ted and I’s song.
(Ted and I’s song this week is “We are who we are” -Ke$ha)

Steve is always on hand to add spice to a dance routine.
Here she helps Rainer modify his costume.

I wish I had gotten a picture of my abrasive sequin hotpants and cowboy boots but alas, only twenty renditions of this photo were captured after 11pm:


ps. Happy Birthday Gillian!

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