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Our Tribal Council

Our Tribal Council is comprised of women we look to for inspiration, great style ideas, advice, or who have gained membership just because we think they’re pretty. Membership on the tribal council is ever evolving and we are open to recommendations for new members!

Oprah: Our Lifestyle Leader

No one anticipates our every future obsession like Oprah. An all-edges Lasagna pan? She found it! Spanx? She introduced us! Wearing belts over cardigans? She set the trend. Oprah Magazine? Our bible. Oprah can do no wrong. And her newly discovered half-sister can do no wrong half the time, she’s just that magical.

Tina Fey: The Funny Girl

I cannot emphasize to you how much I love Tina Fey and 30Rock… because I don’t know how to do “double underline” on my computer.

Sarah Blakely: Our Entrepreneurial Leader

She had an idea and people thought she was crazy. She couldn’t even get a factory to produce a sample. And now Spanx is a multi-million dollar company, not to mention the only product that can sausage my Armenian behind into a size four.

Kelly Cutrone: Our Power Girl

Sometimes in fashion, things get superficial but Kelly calls it like she sees it. She’s the ultimate fashion power girl with clients ranging from start up designers to couture powerhouses and on top of it all she’s a mom. It sounds corny, but her book will change your life or at least send you packing for your next big city adventure.

Grace Kelly: Our Style Icon

Some people are Jackie O fans (we would have liked her more if she had never married Aristotle) but we prefer Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco, Actress, and Style Icon. Jackie might have been “American Royalty” but Grace was legitimately royal. Not to mention, she had an amazing wardrobe filled with frocks that could still be paraded down the red carpet today. Now isn’t that the real American dream?

Meghan McCain: Our Political Leader

The true Maverick in the McCain family is Meghan who is a pro-environment, pro-stem cell research, pro-gay marriage Republican who votes based on issues instead of political affiliation. She even opposed her own father’s immigration bill in Arizona and is the true sweetheart of conservative grassroots politics (Sorry, Sarah). Plus, we both hate paying such high taxes (Sorry, Democrats).

Lauren Bush: Our Activist Leader

Lauren’s FEED bags that support the UN World Food Programme are everywhere from the runway to Gap stores helping fashionistas look good while doing good. We can’t wait for her to get married, mostly because when she marries Ralph Lauren’s son David she will be named Lauren Lauren. Anyone who can rock that name is alright by me.

Sue Lim: Our Life Coach

Whatever Sue does, we want to do. She’s a production extraordinaire, pro online shopper, independent woman with no wrinkles in her knits and never a hair out of place. She has a pet parrot named Moose and always gives me the heads up when a good sample sale is in town. Plus, she gives great life advice. Did I mention she introduced me to Yummie Tummie and the Kindle?

Bethenny Frankel: Our Fitness Leader

Our fitness leader is a bestselling author, Real Housewife of New York, natural foods chef and mother but what we love her most for is inventing the low calorie margarita. If I only drink low calorie margs do we even need to workout? Tequila lovers rejoice!

Aleah Quigley: Our Sister

She’s basically on here because she’s pretty.

Diane von Furstenberg: Our Designer Leader

How does she get younger each year?
The woman is ageless and eternally stylish, and she always keeps us ladies with curves in mind when she designs her dresses. Former German Princess, President of the CFDA, and beneficiary of The High Line, she’s adding to the empire by launching a beauty line this year! Color us excited.

Jayne Mansfield: Activist promoting the color PINK

A pink palace with a fully upholstered faux fur bathroom? Yes please.

Tara McNulty: The Wonder Girl

Fellow Blogger, coworker, and expert photographer Tara always has my back. And my front. And every other angle. She captures it all (in three inch heels) and is always down for an adventure. That’s my kind of super hero.

Little Edie Beale: Life of the Party

Yes, there may be afternoons where we want to proclaim everything “an artistic smash!” and indulge in a private performance of a showtune or two for our adoring fans rabbits… Ok, we do action those things. In fact, quite regularly. Which is why we love Little Edie Beale. New York socialite turned Hamptons recluse, in spite of her surroundings she always tried to have a good time, and we love her for that.

Teddy: Our Roommate/BFF

The Tedster is not only down for anything, but she already has the perfect outfit prepared. She’s the Bethenny Frankel of the West Coast–killer abs, amazing comebacks, and a taste for men from Pennsylvania. With a penchant for day drinking and the occasional dinner party, Ted is the perfect partner in crime– always a woman, never a lady.

Iris Apfel: Our Golden Years inspiration

I mean, have you seen her wardrobe?

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  1. January 10, 2011 7:14 am

    I love the tribal council!! Smart pick of smart women.

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